Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Christian Aid Week

This week many members of the congregation are distributing and collecting in envelopes for Christian Aid Week.

You can make a donation direct to Christian Aid here

There is a service at the end of Christian Aid Week at 6pm on Sunday at Cronton Chapel,

An example of the work done by Christian Aid and it's partners : Nadia's Story

In Kinshasa, thousands of children are forced to live on the streets, where violence
and prostitution can claim their future as well as their youth. Christian Aid partner
Humanité Nouvelle (New Humanity РHN) is reaching out to them.

Eighteen-year-old Nadia Kabula experienced family loss, but she has not been
forced on to the streets. HN stepped in before her situation became so severe.
Nadia’s family became desperately poor three years ago when her father died. Her
mother, Brigette, now works exhausting 48-hour shifts, barely earning enough to
cover her journey to work, and Nadia has had to sacrifice her education. But HN’s
sewing course has given her back the chance of a full life, and protection from a life on the streets in the future. Nadia’s unique eye for style is already earning her commissions, and she hopes to open her own business.
Nadia is trusting God as she struggles towards this vision. A talented singer, she
encourages others with songs of worship. Nadia says, ‘Music is an important part of
life here… When I sing I feel good – it is like food. My favourite song is ”Lord I Lift
Your Name on High”.’
Meanwhile, Nadia is also displaying extraordinary determination and selflessness as
she sacrifices her time to care for her four younger siblings, and helps teach other
young women to sew. Her life of love is an example to us all.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Jesus Folk - 160th Church Anniversary

The hall was packed again in the evening for a performance of the musical Jesus Folk - last performed at the church 28 years ago.

It took months of practicing - and admittedly there were a few slips - but it was wonderful to be part of the production.

Some songs are infectious and joyful, whilst others are really moving.

The musical tells the story of the the Jesus Folk - mixing figures from the bible with contemporary characters. It shows how Jesus changed the lives of those he met, and challenges us to invite Jesus into our lives today.

Get On Board - 160th Church Anniversary

The morning service from our 160th Church Anniversary service. The hall was packed for the service, led by Mrs Karen Drayton.

The Beginners and Primary Sunday School children sang two songs for us "Jesus Love is very Wonderful" and "Who's the King of the Jungle?" The youngest members of the Sunday School are just 3, but they knew all the words and actions, and even remembered to smile.

The Shell Group presented "Get on Board", and did a great job singing the catchy songs, including "Jesus want's me to follow Him", "When we are together with Jesus" and "I am so glad ... that Jesus shows His love for me"