Sunday, 31 January 2010

Four Circuit Assembly

On the afternoon of Sunday 31st January, there was a meeting of four Methodist circuits at Farnworth; the Widnes, Warrington, St.Helens and Prescot, and Ashton in Makerfield Circuits. They were invited to consider the proposals for the unification of our circuits and the practical implications. It is estimated that there were about 100 people there. The afternoon started with a presentation on the areas and circuits involved. We were then invited to add our comments to lists that had been pre-considered in the areas of Prayer, Worship, Staffing, Property and Finance, as well as “Any Other”. Then a faith tea was shared which incorporated an informal Eucharist.

A single report on the afternoon is not possible, since there were so many differing responses. In the main, certain points came through. I have solicited the views of a number of those present, all of who are very active and involved, and I append their comments to give a flavour of the response. (Brian Fisher)



“… The atmosphere over the faith tea and Eucharist was, to me, beautiful. As I moved around I could hear comments about the initial part of the afternoon which were largely negative, they felt that we needed to know about activities, not buildings….. There were seeds of hope, at least people are now talking.”


“My view of the ‘formal’ meeting is that some people were unsure of the future and spoke with concern about becoming ‘too big’. This was tempered by others speaking about the Lord’s will in all we do. The time of the faith tea was more relaxed. There seems a nucleus of people not averse to change who are willing to allow God to lead us. This makes me view the future with anticipation and excitement.”


“…. Content of the first half was very poor and of little relevance. Those attending wanted to discuss more down to earth matters. It was boring, disappointing and poorly presented. The first half was a lost opportunity and many people went home at that point. The faith tea and sacrament did give a chance for discussion.”


“When we are constantly told, and often do not need reminding, that the church is the people, why did we get a parade of buildings and no reference at all to activities? This from our leaders! Some left after the presentation, and I personally heard a few venting their frustration. The fellowship I shared at the table with a mixed group, none of whom I knew previously, was in marked contrast. They were concerned, they did not know the way forward, they needed leadership. It is extremely difficult, but that is what leaders are for.”


The publicity did not explain the afternoon and many had come for a service or a general discussion. I feel that many of the nearly 100 who were present will not want to come to another meeting. ….. The presentation was based on property and although we are to reorganise for mission there was no mention of people either inside or outside the church….. The video may have been all right in a small room, although the colour of the print meant that the words were almost impossible to read. In a large hall, particularly from the back, the maps etc could not be deciphered…. I am sorry to be so negative, but I feel that the afternoon was a wasted opportunity. The best part was the faith tea and the informal communion. It gave an opportunity to talk to those from other circuits. Unfortunately many had gone before the tea and sadly missed this part of the afternoon.


“Shared meal and Eucharist were good, but the Powerpoint presentation was a waste of time. We hadn’t come to see a lot of church buildings but wanted to know what mission and outreach is going on, so that we could learn and pool resources. There are still many who don’t know what is going on, or why, but no opportunity was taken to explain the driving thought behind the process.”


Saturday, 30 January 2010

District Cub Health and Fitness Day

The Cubs had a really busy day - being active and learning about Healthy Easting.

Guild Pantomime

Members of the Guild and friends performing Aladin

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Haiti Appeal

Over the last two Sundays many members of the congregation have given to the Haiti appeal through envelopes in the pews.

If you haven't yet made a donation you can do so at church on Sunday, or alternatively you can follow this link to give through the Methodist Church Fund for World Mission.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Not the only methodist blog...

You can follow the President and Vice President of Conference on their travels around the UK and the World on their blog here

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Wesley Guild "Any Questions" Evening

We are now well into our Wesley Guild winter programme of devotional, Christian service, literary, and social and musical evenings. Last Monday, as part of the Literary section, we had an "Any Questions" evening. The panel consisted of (left to right, standing, in the photograph) Rev. Patrick Rudden (retired Methodist Minister), Mr Stan Woods (retired teacher), Mr Norman Oldham (Magistrate and Chairman of the Bench) and Mrs Karen Drayton (Midwife and Local Preacher). They responded to questions that ranged over concerns at the redevelopment of the site of a local disused asbestos factory, the closure of the Law Courts in Widnes, the effect of recent bad weather in closing schools, likes and dislikes in television programmes, and favourite books to read on a desert island.

The question master for the evening was Dr Stuart Longworth, the Guild General Secretary, who solicited additional comment from the audience. A good evening was enjoyed by about 45 Members of the Guild.

Monday, 11 January 2010

In the Snow

A huge thank you to everyone who lhelped to clear this paths this week.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Covenant Service

This Sunday (10th January) we are holding our annual Covenant Service, all are wlecome to join us.

To find out more about Covenant