Saturday, 28 March 2009

Film Fellowship - The Mysteries

Last night's film - a filmed theatrical performance of the Chester Mystery plays, performed in English, Xhosa, Zulu and Afrikaans

Not always an easy watch - but full of the most inspiring singing.

We have an extra film for the Easter Holidays - The Prince of Egypt - on Wednesday 8th April at 4pm.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

When somebody loved me

From last Saturdays talent evening.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Once you choose Hope, anything is possible

During last year's Harvest Service, the Rev Neil Drayton gave £10 to each of the youth organisations, and challenged the members to use their gifts and talents to multiply this amount. The money they raised was for the Church Project 'Nijera Shikhi' - a learning project in Bangladesh.

The Scouts raised money by holding a talent show, while the Beavers and Cubs entertained us with their Sing-a-long-a-Santa evening. The Cubs baked cakes and biscuits for a Sunday morning cake stall, while the Shell Group held a well attended coffee morning. The Youth Club (supported by a valiant group of Beaver/Shell Group mums) organised last months Barn Dance. It's been a busy 6 months! This Sunday the different groups presented their cheques to Neil - the £50 had been grown into more than £2000!

Meanwhile we celebrated the achievement of a group Cubs - applying their talents and winning the Cheshire Art and Craft competition!

During the service Neil talked about hope - the hope that Nijera Shikhi has given to people in Bangladesh, the hope that Zacchaeus had for his meeting with Jesus, and the hope that we find in Christ's life, death and resurrection.
The quote for the day is from the actor Christopher Reeve 'Once you choose Hope, anything is possible', and the days prayers voiced the hope that Christ's coming into the world has given us.

In a pauper’s stable - hope was born
In the minds of the poor shepherds - hope burnt bright
In the eyes of an old woman - hope was seen
In the ears of the deaf - hope was heard
In the skin of the diseased - hope was felt
In the bodies of the lame - hope gave strength
In the hearts of his disciples - hope gave warmth
In the traitorous kiss - hope was not lost
In the tears by the cross - hope gave comfort
In the empty tomb - hope gave life
In the depths of our hearts - hope still gives us life

Because it was Mothering Sunday the children gave out flowers to all the ladies who attended both the 9.30 and 10.30 services. The Shell Group children had also worked hard to make cards for all the ladies.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

"Each One Teach One" Talent Day

Cookery - Delicious!

Craft Activity


Street Dance

Saturday 21st March was a day for local talent. There is background to this activity. Our adopted charity for this year is "Nijera Shikhi", a self-help charity in Bangladesh. Literally "Nijera Shikhi" means "Let's Teach Ourselves": those who can read teach those who cannot, and it can also extend to other self-help activities. The founder of the movement, Rev. John P Hastings, is the late father of the wife of our minister.

In support of this charity, there have been various fundraising activities through the past six months, and this culminated this weekend in a service (reported elsewhere) when the money raised was offered for the charity. In line with the theme of "Let's Teach Ourselves" we organised an afternoon of "Each One Teach One" with sessions on craftwork, poetry, biscuit and cake making, street-dance and drama, and they attracted a good crowd. Then in the evening there was a talent show - all church member talent - and it included singing groups, dancing groups, ballet, piano solos and duets, poetry reading, guitar items and a magician. There was even an excerpt from Educating Rita and a performance by "The Spice Rack" (emulating - guess who)! Performers covered all age groups; the event was very well attended, and was judged a great success. The funds raised by this "Talent Day" were added to the total raised by the other activities. Such an occasion seems likely to become an annual event.

Monday, 16 March 2009

The Enormous Treasure Chest

Also from this weeks service - the story of The Enormous Treasure Chest - how well are we working together?

Reflection from Geoff Brown

At the 10.30 service this morning (15 March) the Rev Rod Hill was talking about The Church and Mission (as well he might for this is his speciality). He said that there are people out there with spiritual needs and we should have something to offer them (perhaps not his exact words, but I don't get every word). Round the coffee table afterwards, someone asked where we find these people with spiritual needs.
I think most people are aware that there are things beyond everyday life and experience, beyond us, out there and yet within us. They would not call it spirituality but that is what it is. If we are to reach out to them we need to present ourselves in a way that will appeal. Spirituality is out, at least in the early stages. I think one of our most attractive features is the ability to listen to an interesting sermon and then discuss it over a cup of coffee afterwards. This, and fellowship, are our strong points. Newcomers will soon find the joy of worship out of which all else flows. I have often said that you won't get people into the church by offering them Jesus Christ. But get them into the pews and, if our services are all they should be, they will soon discover Jesus for themselves.


Moody and Sankey Celebration: Sunday 15th March 2009

left: Service booklet, and right: the Faith Tea table.

Sunday March 15th. In the afternoon we held a Special Circuit* Celebration with a Moody and Sankey Service. The service was held "Cafe Style" around tables: we sang Moody and Sankey hymns, heard of the life of both Moody and Sankey, and there were prayers, readings and solos. (* The "Circuit" is a formal grouping of local Methodist Churches.) Afterwards, there was a Faith Tea for which each brought refreshments for a communal table.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Each one, teach one....

have you signed up for a workshop yet?

There are lots to choose from

Drama with Richard
Street Dance (for under 16’s) with Gemma
Poetry with Ann
Crafts (mini gift books, cards, easter decorations) with Ruth and Diane
Biscuits and Cakes (for under 16’s) with Jean and June

Next Saturday, 21st March, 2-4pm

And at 7pm there is the 'Talent Show' - whether you perform or just watch, it's certain to be a fun evening.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Fairfield High School Choir Concert

Farnworth Methodist Guild are having a concert by Fairfield High School Choir on Monday 16th March at 7.30pm. Admission is £3.50 and includes light refreshments. Hope to see you there.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Today at worship...

...the 10.30 congregation, Sunday 8th March 2009. I'm sure that some people managed to hide from the photograph - or perhaps it was my wobbly photography...

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Prayer images...

.... from last weeks service - what do they make you think of? Hope? Strength? Promises? Covenant? Love? What prayers can they inspire?

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Barn Dance

Last night's dance was a great success - raising around £400 for the Church Project, Nijera Shikhi. The quality of the dancing was mixed, but this doesn't matter at all as the most fun is to be had when things go wrong!

There was a lovely hotpot supper which was appreciated by all.

Big thanks to everyone who helped with the organisation.

Film Night - Charlotte's Web

Friday Night was the monthly film night. This months film was a family favorourite - Charlotte's Web. Who knew that a spider could be such an appealing character? And hands up everyone who shed a tear at the end.

Next months film is actually a filmed play - The Mysteries. More details to follow.


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