Monday, 16 March 2009

Reflection from Geoff Brown

At the 10.30 service this morning (15 March) the Rev Rod Hill was talking about The Church and Mission (as well he might for this is his speciality). He said that there are people out there with spiritual needs and we should have something to offer them (perhaps not his exact words, but I don't get every word). Round the coffee table afterwards, someone asked where we find these people with spiritual needs.
I think most people are aware that there are things beyond everyday life and experience, beyond us, out there and yet within us. They would not call it spirituality but that is what it is. If we are to reach out to them we need to present ourselves in a way that will appeal. Spirituality is out, at least in the early stages. I think one of our most attractive features is the ability to listen to an interesting sermon and then discuss it over a cup of coffee afterwards. This, and fellowship, are our strong points. Newcomers will soon find the joy of worship out of which all else flows. I have often said that you won't get people into the church by offering them Jesus Christ. But get them into the pews and, if our services are all they should be, they will soon discover Jesus for themselves.


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