Sunday, 24 April 2011

240411 Easter Sunday Rev. Patrick Rudden

162nd Church Anniversary

Sunday May 8th is our 162nd Church Anniversary. In the morning service, the Sunday School and Shell Group will present "Sunday's Cool: Hosanna!" and in the evening service, an augmented choir , with live band and dances by the children, will present "Two Sisters and a Funeral" which recounts the raising of Lazarus and its message. Look forward to future posts of the services.

New Developments

In February, following approval be the Church Council, photovoltaic solar panels were fitted to the roof of the church hall. Installation was quite straightforward, taking just two days. By the very nature of solar generation, most power is generated in the afternoon when light and heat are less often required, so our gain is in feeding power back into the grid. This is part of the churches environmental awareness initiative.

To maintain our witness to the passerby, we have updated the plaque on the front of the church hall, which is visible from the road and the local bus stop. The plaque announces our name, "Farnworth Methodist Church", and declares our vision statement, "Open to God, Open to the World, Open to You".

Internally, a cross, originally made by a late member of our church, Mr Clarrie Turner, has been restored and mounted in the Church Hall to the side of the stage. It stands as a permanent display of one of the great symbols of our faith.

In addition, a banner made by one of our members, Mrs Jan Woods, was mounted in the church some months ago, once more declaring our vision "Open to God, Open to the World, Open to You".