Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Bible Sunday

This Sunday coming (25th October) is Bible Sunday.

This week, please pray for the work of the Bible Society.

You can find out more about the Bible Society by following the link below.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Cubs @ Forest Camp

The Cubs went to Forest Camp for the day...

The first activity was archery

Then they did map reading and orienteering
The branding is always an exctiting activity - lots of smoke and flames!
The first step in pioneering is learning to tie a knot...
... so that you can build a tent!

Practicing folding the flag
Backwoods cooking!

The last activity was the low ropes...
... a really fun way to end a busy day.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Church Project 2009

This years Church project was launched during our Harvest Service. Money donated during the Harvest services will be used to support the work of The Kings Cross Project, based at Trinity Church in Widnes.

Over the next few months we will continue to raise money for Kings Cross, and hopefully we will at least match the total of £2003 raised for last years project 'Nijera Shikhi'.
If you have any good fundraising ideas - please share them with the Stewards.

Harvest 2009

We celebrated our Harvest Festival on 11th October. The church had been beautifully decorated - thanks to all who donated produce, and to those who gave up their time to arrange it.

The morning service was a parade, and the church was full. The children brought offerings of fruit and vegetable baskets, bunches of flowers and boxes of cereals. Rev Neil Drayton led the service which involved lots of measuring (of leeks) and counting (of apples), and the children from the Shell Group, Beavers and Cubs sang "Always Remember, Never Forget to Say Thank You" with great gusto.

In the evening service, the theme of Measuring our Faith was further developed, as we thought of Christians who we measure ourselves against.

The choir sang the John Rutter anthem "Look at the World", which you can hear on the video file below.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Jesus Folk

On Friday, 16th October we are giving a repeat performance of the musical 'Jesus Folk' in our Church Hall at 7.30pm.
The musical tells the story of the Jesus Folk - mixing figures from the Bible with contemporary characters. It shows how Jesus changed the lives of those he met and challenges us to invite Jesus into our lives today.
It lasts about 1 hour 40 minutes with a 20 minute interval when tea and biscuits will be served.
Admission is free but there will be a plate for donations towards The Kings Cross Project and Overseas Medical Missions.
If you want to see pictures from our last performance, go to the blog posted on 11th of May.
Look forward to seeing you on Friday!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Summer Break Workload!

Not so slow during the Summer Break

Our regular weekday activities have been muted during the summer break, but not altogether absent, and we are ready to start on our new programme. Each Monday afternoon there is a working party of volunteers to attend to any jobs that need doing – changing light bulbs, plaster repairs, decorating, garden maintenance, boundary fence repairs, clearing gullies and drains, repairs to equipment – all the usual maintenance work.

Over summer we have arranged for external redecoration, painting and pointing, electrical and gas inspections, portable appliance testing (nearly 150 devices!) and conducted our Health and Safety Assessment and Fire Safety Assessment. We have arranged for fitted cupboards in the Lower Hall Store Room to replace free-standing cabinets – you can actually move around in there now – and we have had a thorough clear-out of two storerooms and under the stage, all of this done by our volunteer group, known affectionately as “Last of the Summer Wine”!

During and After

At the AGM several new proposals were accepted, one being this blog. Another is the Lending Library of faith related books that members have found helpful and are prepared to pass on. This is now established and a suitable display cabinet purchased. A further suggestion was a Prayer Garden, sited in an area currently unused and rather overgrown. It is a pity we have no photographs before work was started, but the undergrowth is now cleared and much effort has gone into removing significant sized tree stumps. Discussions have taken place on the proposal and we are working towards its completion. It should provide a space for quiet contemplation, and provide additional witness, as its situation is clearly visible from the road and the nearby bus stop.

New Library

Prayer Garden Proposal

Work has started

Heavy Work Underway

Mark shows us how!

They also serve, who only stand and wait!